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Social media is a powerful tool to growing an audience. However, in some industries, it is not the best tool to spend time and resources on. We found that when small business owners think of marketing, they think of posting on Instagram. This is one element under a large umbrella of marketing tactics and today we’re sharing some other channels you can use to find your next customer.

***We have listed this in order of ease and effort it takes to implement. We encourage you to try them all and stick with what works for your industry.***


1. Google Business Profile

Google is still a powerful tool for finding a product or service that a customer needs. Take 10 minutes and create a profile including all of your information so that your business comes up in search results. Also, ask your previous customers to review your business on Google.

Good for service-based businesses like home improvement, landscaping, elderly/child care, repair, catering, and event planning

Tip: Be sure to include “searchable” phrases that make sense in your description (i.e. Black-owned Event Planner). You can use Google Trends to understand what phrases are being searched most often in your niche.

2. Online Business Directories

Search directories in your community or niche where you can post your business for free. Connect with organizations or schools you are affiliated with and ask about business listings managed by that community and get your business featured.

Good for non-profit services or education based organizations

Tip: Ensure these lists are regularly updated and shared for visibility.

3. Referrals

Word of mouth is still a powerful marketing tool. Consider offering an incentive to past clients who refer someone else. If you teach a course, consider offering a discount if 2 or more people sign up together. Another option is to start an affiliate program where ambassadors get an incentive for bringing new customers your way!

Good for any service or product-based businessTip: If you offer discounts or paid incentives, do a calculation to determine if adding that expense actually increases your profits over time. Also, limit these incentives to a certain window of time.

4. Email List

This is a great way to connect 1:1 with your audience. Have individuals join your email list to be the first to learn about new releases, offerings or tips you share. This helps you tap into people who aren’t on social media but do communicate using email. Drive your audience to your website or to book a call with you using strong call-to-action statements.

Good for coaching, fitness, or consulting services

Tip: You can sign up for the free version of sites like ConvertKit to easily organize your email list and quickly reach your audience. You could also try an SMS (or text) list instead of emailing your subscribers.

5. Collaboration

Partner with other business owners or local news/media outlets to promote your business. Find businesses in different industries that share your target audience. Suggest a mutually beneficial partnership where you refer clients to one another. Send stories to your local or national media outlets highlighting the work you do in your business.

Good for business consultants, technology-based businesses and non-profits

Tip: Check out HARO for opportunities to be featured in publications.

6. Launch Party

Even in our virtual world, you can still celebrate and build buzz around your business by planning a launch party! This can be as simple or over-the-top as you want it. The main goal here is to share what you do, how you do it and why your customers should work with you. You also want to have some interactive elements and surprises to keep the audience engaged and excited about the business.

Good for product-based businesses

Tip: You can do this for free in an online format. However, to ensure your launch party is successful, we do suggest hiring an event planner or manager if you are not skilled in this area. Celebrating the Moments is an Event Planning service that we recommend hiring to plan a stellar launch party! Check out the KAA Launch Party here!

7. Speaking Engagements

It takes a little more effort to land and utilize speaking engagements as a marketing tactic. However, it’s not impossible! Start by searching “call for speakers” in your industry and review the various opportunities. Use LinkedIn to find opportunities to be a keynote speaker or panelist. Send a pitch to podcasts or panel discussions going on in your area where your business could serve as a resource. Once you land an engagement, focus on adding value during your talk that leaves the audience wanting more. End with a soft close (not a sales pitch) explaining how they can connect/work with you

Good for authors and coaching or consultation services

Tip: Be sure to invest time on your presentation skills and delivery. Do your very best to make that moment count!


We hope you try at least one of these and leave a comment below about how it helped you increase revenue in your business. If you find that you need assistance with any of these tactics that are more complicated (speaking engagements for example), engage our team for further assistance by completing our interest form.

Stay connected for more information and tips on marketing your small business!