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Make sure you read part I here as we’re picking up where we left off with the last three social media mistakes you want to fix now!

Mistake No. 4: No Posting Schedule/Strategy 

If you are posting content on your page with no idea of what you want the outcome to be, please pay close attention to this section and apply the methods we share. This is affecting your ability to grow and we want to see your business thrive!

What we see: Weeks in between posts, no call-to-action (CTA) on captions, one type of content

The problem: You have to constantly talk to your audience on your business page. If you’re worried about people unfollowing you, remember you only want people who are interested in your services to follow you. Let the uninterested folks go. However you want to be sure to attract and retain your true audience.

How to fix this: Create a content calendar by planning 1 month of content where you share 3 posts/week. *Hint* Don’t worry, the details discussed in the last section will help you with managing this task. Write out all your captions including CTAs (examples: follow for more, visit the link in our bio, place your order today, check out our blog post for more, comment below if…, share this with a friend, save this for later, etc.)  Find an auto-publishing scheduler that works for you (there are many great options out there) and load your content for the whole month. Sit back and let technology do it’s thing! There’s one gotcha: you will have to make time to engage with your audience as your posts go live

Mistake No. 5: Underutilizing Hashtags (specifically on Instagram)

This topic will be very vague since best practices regarding hashtags change so often. We urge you to stay up-to-date on the detailed guidance. Hashtags are not the magic wand that grants you the wish of having 10k followers. Sorry to let you down. However, using them helps you get more eyes on your posts and gives you some insight into what your audience likes to see.

What we see: Posts with little to no hashtags, post with hashtags that were used (literally) millions of times, posts using the same hashtag sets multiple times

The problem: If you are trying to grow your following, hashtags can help you be discovered by accounts that don’t follow your page. Not using this feature is a disadvantage to your growth strategy.

How to fix this: You should use a mix of large and niche hashtags. There’s no real formula of how many of each type of hashtag you should use because we believe that while you don’t want your posts lost in the midst of all the others, it is most important for them to be relevant. Start with a word or phase hashtag related to what your post is about. Look at other posts using that hashtag for additional ideas you can use. *Bonus tip* Follow the hashtags that are really useful to find and engage with your target customers.

Mistake No. 6: No Repurposing Strategy

Solopreneurs, this is especially important for you all!  Repurpose your content by turning one post into multiple forms of content. In addition to saving time, this tactic allows you to reach your customer base who absorbs information in many different ways. A blog post may work for some while others prefer video. Same information, different delivery.

What we see: Business owners becoming overwhelmed by social media because they aren’t planning properly.

The problem: Saving time while being effective is the name of the game when you’re the only one running things. If you’re not repurposing content, you’re working harder not smarter.

How to fix it: Choose a light work day as your content day. Braindump your ideas onto paper and bucket them into themes. Start with 3 ideas from one bucket and create your static posts and captions for the week. Use those posts as a basis to create a video, blog post, and reel. Your captions become your video script and blog post content. Use a reel to dive a little deeper into one of your static posts and make adjustments to the original caption. You just made twice as much content in almost the same amount of time.



Did you see any mistakes you were making in the list above? If so, we hope you use our recommendations to correct them today!

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